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We are delighted to be suppliers and fitters of Palladio composite doors. We believe that the Palladio door Collections is the finest composite door on the market today, not only has it taken 10 years of research, but a new design approach gave homeowners a breath of fresh air in their search for a new and innovative design and security which is 2nd to none.

The composition of the door differs from all others in its MONOCOQUE structure (internal structure of the door, no foam used like in PVC doors). This is only one of the amazing features of this door:

10 reasons why a Palladio door is the right choice for you.

  1. Double rebated as standard (giving you a double seal as opposed to a 44mm. single rebate door that would have a single seal for air tightness)
  2. U value .85 for a solid door.
  3. U value of .98 for a glazed door (probably the only door in Ireland that would be A- rated throughout the full range.
  4. All doors are Renolite foil finished (not painted) matching the outer frame perfectly (most doors would have a white frame only as the door colour cannot match the frame).
  5. Triple Glazed units as standard.
  6. Made up of 65mm reinforced fibreglass Monocoque structure ( this is a high- security door as opposed to others that are foam filled).
  7. 4 hinges fitted as standard (most doors only have 3).
  8. 8 point locking system (most door manufacturers would have 3-4 point locking system available).
  9. Palladio replicates the exact finish of a real oak door.
  10. They just look great..! 


Have a look through some of our gallery designs below, or scroll down to the bottom and download our catalogue, or click the request a quote button where you will be taken to our online quotation query forms.

The DUBLIN Palladio Door

The DUBLIN Palladio Composite Door

The Dublin door has the charm to work with older buildings and new homes alike, with 6 panes in the square glass it will appeal to all tastes.

The LONDON Palladio Composite Door

The LONDON composite door the Palladio door collection has three small square glass units going crossways down the door, it comes with a decorative glass design, clear or frosted glass (satinized)

The Edinburgh has a distinctive diamond shape to the top of the door, the Edinburgh has a classical range of glass and also clear or satinized.

The EDINBURGH Palladio Composite Door

The Edinburgh has a distinctive diamond shape to the top of the door, the Edinburgh has a classical range of glass and also clear or satinized.

The SAN MARCO Palladio Composite Door

The San Marco has that light and airy look, with two long glass panels it is sure to give your front entrance that extra boost of light. Matched with 2 side panels you have all the light you need in your entrance.

The rome door from palladio is one of the most popular doors of 2019

The ROME Palladio Composite Door

The Rome door has one long glass panel in the door, you can choose to have clear glass or chose from the Rome glass collection.

The PARIS Palladio Composite Door

The Paris Palladio Composite Front door is a leek and modern door with 3 glass units in a line from top to bottom of the door. It comes with decorate or plain/satanized glass.

The GEORGIAN Solid Palladio Composite Door

The six panel Georgian Palladio Composite Door. This solid door gives that traditional feel with the distinctive oak effect, with the white frame which gives it a beautiful and destinctive look.

Composite Doors are becoming the most popular door choices for homeowners in Ireland. They are cheaper than timber but stronger and more durable than uPVC which makes them an excellent solution for your double glazed doors. Prices start at €1600.00 Some of the fantastic quality specs of Palladio Composite doors 💯 Superior security ☑️ Immense strength and durability 🌬 Fantastic insulation through their thickness and density 😱 Boasting a lifespan double that of uPVC 🚪 Extremely low maintenance Composite doors do NOT need to be painted. They can provide you with the look of real timber, without the expense of regular maintenance. Save yourself time with high-quality products, today. Call us on 0833447775 for more information

The PALERMO Palladio Composite Door

This 4 panel door with two glass on top and two colid panels on the bottom has that country feel, this is a perfect traditional design that will happily fell at home in a new build.




Our bestselling Palladio door this year is the DUBLIN door in Anthracite or Bog Oak.

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